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Courtesy patrol Companies boise

Courtesy Patrol Companies Boise 


Courtesy patrol has become a generally acceptable euphemism for security patrol. Your courtesy patrol officers are responsible for providing security to the occupants, workers, and visitors in residential or commercial buildings. Depending on the setting, they may also assist people with navigating their way within the building. This service is provided by security companies in Boise who have a team of courtesy patrol specialists. If you are a small business owner or residential/commercial property manager and wish to know more about courtesy patrol companies in Boise, kindly read on.  

What Is a Courtesy Patrol Specialist?

Here’s an open secret in security circles: a courtesy patrol specialist is an essentially different kind of security guard. Fact is, a courtesy patrol specialist basically provides security and helps maintain the quality of living in their jurisdiction.

A courtesy patrol specialist carries out protective services on a property. They are often contractors who are employed by security firms in Boise and are often off-duty police officers. However, they are restricted to enforcing the policy and rules of the property they cover.   

A courtesy control specialist is always dressed in the security agency guard uniform when on duty, and they are required to wear the security agency badge while displaying the guard company patch logo affixed to the uniform shirt or hat. They are also required to fill out activity and incident forms on guard agency stationary and are supervised by the security agency that hired them. Courtesy patrol specialists also use their agency’s equipment or marked vehicles to carry out their duties. 

They are similar to other security guards in Boise, ID. The only difference is that they may live on-site. One of the best security services in Boise, ID, with a great team of courtesy control specialists, is Deep Six.

About Deep Six

Deep Six is a leading security company that is located in Boise, Idaho. We are known for providing expert private security in Boise. One of the private security services that we offer is courtesy patrol. We offer courtesy patrol solutions for various businesses, and we continually stay above the competition, all thanks to our ever-evolving repertoire of services. But there’s more. Our courtesy patrol services are customized to meet your business needs, so no matter the kind of services you render, we have the right courtesy patrol specialists for you. Here are the kinds of businesses we cater to:


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If you’re looking for the best Boise security firms, you need not look beyond Deep Six Parking and Security. We have well-trained security professionals that are proud of what they do and respectful to everyone. Whether you need armed or unarmed security personnel, we’re your go-to company for security patrol services in Boise and its environs. 

Contact Dee Six Parking and Security for property managers and local businesses on 208-258-3505.



Courtesy patrol Companies boise