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One of the fundamental duties of governments all over the world is the security of lives and property. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs also places security and safety as second on the list, preceded by the most basic needs such as food, water, clothing, and accommodation. The function of accommodation includes serving as a form of personal security.

The importance of security to a person, organization, community, town, city, state, or country cannot be overemphasized. To a large extent, the security of lives and property can be safely divided into public and private security.

Deep Six Services is a private security firm and renders parking and security services to property management firms and local businesses in Idaho. Boise security guards work under Deep Six Services’ security arm to provide perfect private security in Boise, Idaho.


Deep Six Services have a positive track record of providing security services to property managers and local businesses, which gives us an edge over other security companies in Boise.

We understand our clients’ peculiar security challenges, and we work hard to render the best security service to them according to their unique needs. We do this with the mindset that our distinguished security guards are our ambassadors, and their qualitative security service delivery is the best referral system we can exploit.

We also know that when we individualize our security system to suit your needs and see results that your home or business firm is impenetrable, you will refer us to those who also require top security services.


Deep Six Services is the leading among security firms in Boise. Our security guards are well-trained to leverage technological devices in discharging private security services in your home or business centers. We have the most courteous and intelligent security guards in Boise, ID, who employ unique methods to deliver our clients’ security services.

Our dedication to duty sets us apart as a truly effective security outfit. We are quick and prompt in quelling chaos when it arises in your property or office. Our security guards are equal to the task with a keen eye for details, making them constantly aware of happenings in the locale they are posted to work.

They understand that they are problem solvers who must always provide security solutions to security issues whenever they come up to stay ahead of our competitors. Their attention to detail shores up our transparency and boosts our reputation as the foremost provider of security services in Boise, ID.


Many property managers and local businesses require the partnership of security companies in Boise, Idaho. However, they often get discouraged by the asking price of these security firms.

We know the vast resources that go into buying and maintaining security equipment and the expenses channeled into managing our personnel. Yet, we offer the most competitive price among security companies in Boise.

We cherish discharging superior private security services to your properties and local businesses. We reckon that excessive price should not hinder you from getting superlative private security of your satisfaction, which is why our price is affordable.

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